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Astrology is basically a psychological science where different attitudes and characteristics of the individual are symbolically represented as the various planets and signs.

Literally, the way these planets and signs align at the moment and place we are on the Earth when we first draw breath and are most receptive to the psychic energies present, has been proven, over the ages, to be linked to certain inherent abilities, skills and traits.

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For those who have never had an astrological reading or anyone wanting to know more about their innermost self.


"We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born.

Astrology does not lay claim to anything else." Carl Jung

Why Astrology?

Harmony and discord are facts of life. Positive and negative, great and lame, dark and light, love and hatred .... However, because we have free will, tendencies outlined in a Natal / Birth Chart can be altered greatly.

YOU Have Choices!

The knowledge gain with a Starnometry Reading is specific to you. Your Chart is read by an Astrologer, not a computerized program. With knowledge of one's inherent tendencies, steps can be taken, in an infinitely more effective and easy manner, to better the individual. "It's Up to YOU." This is one of the greatest and most simple sayings. It is also, an Ultimate Truth.

Knowledge is POWER!

What do you want your life to be? It IS up to YOU ... So being up to you, wouldn't you want to know as much about yourself as possible in order to maximize your ability to make yourself, and, as a result, the human race as a whole, better?

Our Services

Natal Birth Chart

A Natal Chart, also called Birth Chart, explains the positions of the stars at your time and place of birth. Through this, we have a snapshot of what makes you who you are today. In essence...

Advanced Readings

An Advanced Reading, explains the positions of the stars at your time of birth in the place in which you were born. Through this, we have a snapshot of what makes you who you are today. In essence...

About the Astrologer

Every problem has a solution, and every discordant aspect has an energetic antidote. I specialize in utilizing mental alchemy,otherwise known as... 

Client Testimonials

Kenan did an amazing job with my reading. I've had my chart read before. However, Kenan went into much more detail about my specific conjunctions and he also explained what they mean and how it can control certain aspects of your life. Although Kenan said it best, "these circumstances are not always the be all and end all. You can use certain things in your life to counter act situations and circumstances once you know this information about yourself." Overall, I would say he did an exceptional job with my reading. He is easy to talk to and understand as well. The reading gave me the confidence and motivation to go where I need to go in life and the insights on how to best get there. Thank you for your gift Kenan... It is greatly appreciated!


My astrological reading truly helped my relationship tremendously as it gave me deep insight into my partner and what they needed.

I understood my partner needed more space and more individuality because if they started to feel trapped then they would interpret that as being controlled and begin to distance themselves. So the reading from Kenan Laprath truly did enhance and help our relationship


I'd had astrological readings before but I can truthfully say, this was the first time it not only made sense but was spot on. From relationships to career decisions to health, the information Kenan discovered helped me made smarter choices that have impacted my life in more positive ways. 

Kenan's insight is amazing and he made me realize that we have more control over our lives than we's all about the choices we make ... we may not like the options presented but our choices will allow us to create circumstances that will provide more options.

If you want a inside tract on what's ahead, call Kenan.  


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